RiB 2017 Projects

Scott Wilson: Interested in island ecology of reptiles, Scott will be mapping the distributions of snakes across Appledore and hopes to find evidence of a fourth species that may have been overlooked for decades.

Will Shipley: Investigating the homing and dispersal behavior of intertidal fish, Will is using low-cost (and ultra-cute) tagging methods to track if mummichog fish have ‘Home’ tidepools they return to each low tide.

Oriana Strieleman: Captivated by the visual systems of mummichog fish, Oriana has developed a project to detect if mummichogs use polarized light when out of the water, as well as quantifying how well they see. 

Safa Aljeboure: Inspired after observing the movement of a normally ‘sessile’ (non-moving) organism, Safa will be testing what cues sea anemones in the intertidal use to decide where and when to move.

Sukanya Dayal: Building on the discoveries made in the IMBL 2017 course, Sukanya will be working on understanding what sensory cues mummichog fish collect, if any, when they jump from the water before making an escape attempt.

Elise He: Enamoured by the tiny, adorable snail, Littorina obtusata, Elise is studying how specialized nursery habitats may be created by  adults and used by juvenile snails to avoid the dangers of intertidal living.

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